Sebo E1 Pro Cylinder Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

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With a powerful motor and a number of handy tools, the Sebo 9160G1 E1 Pro will make light work of any vacuuming chore.

Powerful Cleaning

Get your carpets and hard floors looking their best with this cylinder vacuum. The 1200 watt motor gives powerful suction, whilst easy glide castors make moving around the room hassle-free.

The 2.1 meter stretchable hose and 7.5 meter power cable, with one touch rewind, allow you to vacuum the whole room without needing to switch between plug sockets.

Integrated Tools

With a number of handy tools, conveniently stored in the vacuum, the E1 Pro is ready for almost any vacuuming task.

The turbo brush works brilliantly on both carpets and hard floors, thanks to the air powered rotating brush. On carpets, the rotating brush lifts the pile and allows the suction to clean deep into the fibres – perfect for removing pet hair.

The crevice tool is ideal for cleaning nooks and crannies, especially that edge between the floor and skirting board.

Moving up to the skirting boards, the dusting brush accessory makes quick work of removing dust without damaging the surface, thanks to the long, soft bristles.

There is also a full size upholstery nozzle that picks up crumbs from the sofa and gives your curtains a new lease of life.

Finally, clean those hard to reach corners and suck away the spider webs with the stainless steel telescopic tube.

Peace of Mind

The Sebo 91600G1 E1 Pro has a number of features that protect both your furniture and the vacuum itself.

A soft bumper around the vacuum, known as the AIRBELT system, protects your furniture and walls from being marked or damaged as you clean around the room.

The intelligent motor protection system automatically turns the motor power down when there is a problem with the vacuum. Not only does this notify you of a possible problem, such as a blockage, but it means that you are able to carry on cleaning without damaging the motor.

For powerful vacuuming that makes life easier, you can’t beat the Sebo 91600G1 E1 Pro. Order yours today.


Cord Length 7.50 m
Tube length 2100 mm
On Board Tools Turbo BrushDusting BrushCrevice NozzleUpholstery Nozzle
Floor Type CarpetHard Floor
Noise Level 72 dB
Colour Red
Height 43 cm
Width 23 cm
Depth 32 cm
Weight 5.30 kg
Whats in the box AIRBELT E1 PRO 91600G1 Canister Vacuum CleanerKOMBI professional cleaning headFloor Turbo Brush