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Again, it is important to us that you fully understand each Element of our service and understand that where at all possible we want to save you time and money! Where some companies will undoubtedly be confusing, complicated and almost infuriating when it comes to explaining connection, we would like to be clear, precise and honest from the outset!

Our connection service 

Chargeable Connection

  • Integrated appliances - which will require our carpentry department to refit and adjust integrated doors and facings to your new appliance at a cost of £79.

Our, simple but effective connection service includes:

  • Unpacking and inspection of your new appliance/s
  • Disconnection of old appliance
  • Levelling and positioning of your appliance/s
  • Connection to suitable water, and Electricity Supplies
  • Testing your new appliance/s
  • Remove all packaging

So, put simply, we do everything!  Why don’t you sit back and relax while we ensure your new machine connected, tested and ready to use! All we expect in return is a cup of tea and off we go! (Hmmm ok you can void the last part!)

  • Appropriate, water and electricity supplies must be in place.
  • If any adaptations are required may be chargeable or void the connection. As always we are fair but unfortunately we can’t re-plumb your whole house for free!

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